Embroidery Art

Art and Styling, my passion


My passion for textile art and exquisiteness dates back to my childhood.

My mother was a Haute Couture designer and a great expert in fine fabrics, she lived the golden age of Barcelona Haute Couture during the 40’s,

with designers at the height of fame such as Cristóbal Balenciaga, Manuel Pertegaz and Asunción Bastida.


As a teenager, in the atelier where my mother served a select clientele, I began to create designs, I learned the different techniques of haute couture and Lunéville embroidery technique.


Passionate also for Design and Fine Arts, I completed studies in these two disciplines to connect my personal styling with the most elaborate and exclusive embroidery techniques.

From my Atelier «Corina Embroidery Art» I have specialized in the creation of exclusive Haute Couture bags embroidered

with Crochet Lunéville technique and precious stones.


My designs are unique, I never repeat a design, I make them harmonize with fashion trends and bring innovative proposals.

Through the unique styling of each embroidery, the bags and clutches become small works of art to own exclusively.

Corina Roselló

Creative Director

Passion for design, art, painting, fashion, fabrics, accessories,.... Love and admiration for the great Masters of Haute Couture and for the wonderful artisans who create unique and unrepeatable pieces that make you dream. Embroidery Art.

Haute Couture

Collaboration with designers

I work with couture designers, developing embroidery and collaborating on their designs.

I have specialized in Lesage de Paris couture embroidery, French drum, ribbon, thread and bead embroidery.


Thanks to all the knowledge acquired the different techniques of the art of embroidery,

based on its mastery and daily consolidation of research, I bring my creativity in the creation of collections, as well as training courses.

My knowledge of different techniques in haute couture and my passion for this art, makes me keep training continuously going abroad and in different cities of Spain.


My embroideries are available to stylists, haute couture designers and individuals.


I have the pleasure of working with different ateliers that have allowed me to create unique pieces.

For Teresa Helbig’s Atelier I have embroidered the dress worn by Queen Letizia at the Pricesa Concert in Asturias, embroideries for Eugenia Martinez de Irujo,…

For many years I have been making custom orders of unique pieces for my private clients.


I also transmit all my knowledge in private classes, in universities and schools of Art, Fashion and Design.


Collection realized:

Corina Haute Couture Embroidery has had the honor of embroidering different models of the autumn/winter 2022/23 collection.
named Bookwalk by Teresa Helbig at MBFWM, inspired by poet librarians, novelists and writers.

HelbigMusicFest 2023 collection by Teresa Helbig at MBFWMadrid inspired by music festivals.

Haute Couture

Custom embroidery of dreams

Wedding dresses, evening dresses, handkerchiefs, accessories…


I create embroideries thinking about you, your tastes, your style, your colors,…

I choose the materials according to your preferences: feathers, beads, crystals,… and the precious stones that best suits your idea.

I make exclusive embroideries for haute couture designers and private clients who love and appreciate this wonderful art.


As creative director all my creations are for women who want elegant, feminine and sophisticated designs.

From my atelier in Barcelona I create unique and exclusive pieces of handbags and clutches with Precious Stones,

wedding dresses, evening dresses, handkerchiefs, accessories… taking care of every detail and offering the highest quality finishes.

«Through my love of this beautiful profession, I am determined to maintain the interest and
teaching of this universal and timeless art of Lunéville Haute Couture Embroidery.
Welcome to my paradise!


Corina Embroidery Art. Atelier de Bordado Lunéville.
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