The Palace, synonymous with Luxury, Elegance, Art, Fashion and History.


An emblematic place @hotelpalacebarcelona to perform the Shooting of @hautecoutureembroidery_corina.

Its luxurious salons convey a modern elegance inspired by innovation and progress.


The bags and accessories CORINA COLLECTION HAUTE COUTURE are made with the Lunéville Embroidery technique of Haute Couture and Precious Stones.


They are unique pieces of art, with wonderful designs, unimaginable elegance and exquisitely crafted.


Exclusive designs that accompany special moments and are created according to the style and tastes of the client.


Embroidery is, without a doubt, an exciting art and a synonym of Haute Couture.


In Corina Haute Couture Embroidery, we unite art, fashion and history to take you to different places linked to architecture and luxury design.


In this first shooting the chosen place has been Hotel Palace Barcelona, would you like to know where the next shooting will be?




Our team:

Organizer of Luxury Events & Shootings: @judith_gabarro

Photographer: @pallejadavidfotografo

Model: @victoriagratacosart


Corina Embroidery Art. Atelier de Bordado Lunéville.
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